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"My 60 Pound Hoodia XR Success Story"

Before Hoodia XR

I am very pleased to say that HoodiaXR has helped me to lose a total of 64 pounds (and counting). I've had a problem losing weight my whole life. I have tried countless weight loss products, most of which failed to do anything about my weight problem. Like a lot of people I got trapped in the vicious circle of depression and eating. I ate because I was depressed then became more depressed because I could not control my appetite. I felt helpless.

I noticed that a colleague had lost weight and asked her how she did it. She told me about Hoodia and how the time release HoodiaXR works. She was using HoodiaXR and had already lost 12 pounds in 4 weeks. I ordered some immediately and eagerly awaited their arrival.

I have to be honest I did not think HoodiaXR would help me. The only reason I ordered it was because of my colleague's results and the money back guarantee (I have been scammed by new diet products before).

The hoodia came in a few days and I began to take the pills the same day they came in.

I almost stopped taking them after 3 days because I thought they were not working. My co-worker insisted I keep taking them, so I just did it to keep her quiet. Then after about a week my appetite started to shrink! By the 10th day I was not thinking about food all day long and had lost 2 pounds at the twelve day mark. Encouraged I began to take an evening walk with my husband and tried to stay away from the junk!

With the help of HoodiaXR I was able to lose 58 pounds in about five months time. As of June 15th, I am at my goal weight of 108 pounds!!!

Not only am I physically healthier, but my self confidence received a big boost as well. All the years being so heavy had made me shy away from activities like swimming, dancing, and wearing certain clothes. I always wanted to borrow the clothes that looked so good on my friends, but I was too big. Now I can borrow clothes from all of them! I have re-gained the confidence to wear a bikini at the beach (or even go to the beach for that matter) and my husband is equally thrilled!

My life has taken a wonderful turn for the better and it is all thanks to HoodiaXR! Thank you soooo much!

Shelly Rhodes

after in my bikini at the beach