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1000mg Pure Hoodia Gordonii Extended Release Tablets

To lose weight all you must do is consume fewer calories than you burn!

It seems so simple, yet millions of people live overweight and want to change their bodies. It is not hard to lose weight when you take away the cravings and hunger pains which will make you overeat or cheat on your diet. Overeating or cheating on your diet will never help you lose weight and will lead you to thinking you have a "slow metabolism" or that you just cannot lose weight because "you have no willpower". Including hoodia in your diet can eliminate hunger pains and cravings (like for sweets) which make it hard to lose weight, and give you the willpower to lose all the weight you want. Hoodia enables you to feel full even though you have not eaten and is the spark you need to achieve weight loss success!

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"I have lost 15 pounds with HoodiaXR. I feel great and Hoodia helped me to have the control I needed to lose the weight. I love how it didn't make me feel any different."
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Why Hoodia XR is better than other Hoodia products:

HoodiaXR is made from 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii powder wrapped in a unique extended release tablet. Normal hoodia gordonii diet pills contain only 200-400 mg of hoodia in a gelatin capsule. This is a very cheap way to package hoodia, but when swallowed this small amount of hoodia is released at one time. This quick release causes a spike of the p57 molecule in your system which is metabolized rapidly. After your first dose of normal hoodia diet pills, there is a period when you begin to feel hungry, however it is not time for your next dose. This is a major problem with other brands of hoodia. HoodiaXR overcomes this problem by using the extended release system. This allows for 1000mg of pure hoodia to slowly enter your system over hours instead of only 200-400mg in just 20 minutes. The extended release system makes you consistently feel full throughout the day, and allows you to dramatically decrease your appetite with just 3 easy pills. HoodiaXR allows you to avoid taking the 9-12 pills that would be required for the proper levels of hoodia to remain in your system all day.

"Over the past week the HoodiaXR has really curbed my appetite. I have to remind myself that I need to eat. I'm not hungry when I go to bed. I've lost 6 pounds the first week..."
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Lose Weight Now With The All Natural and Stimulant Free Hoodia XR brand Hoodia Gordonii Diet Pills!

HoodiaXr is the only timed release diet supplement that suppresses your appetite without causing "The Jitters" or "Anxiety Attacks". It is the only supplement you can take before bed to suppress evening hunger without effecting your sleeping patterns which can make you tired the next morning. Users of hoodia have reported increased energy and alertness while taking HoodiaXR.

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